Expertise within EuMyoNet

Expertise within MyoNet

The expertise within MyoNet covers many research areas.​

Clinical medicine
Provided by all clinical groups.

Clinical and laboratory data
On the International Myositis Assessment and Clinical Studies (IMACS) outcome measures, on a webbased myositis register, and on muscle biopsy analyses for research.

Serotyping and testing for new autoantibodies and development of new technology for autoantibody testing.​

DNA sampling and extraction, HLA-typing and fine mapping of genes, and genome wide scan (GWAS).

Proteomics and metabolomics
Identify potential biomarkers.

Integrate the clinical database with genetic and antibody databases. Analyse and identify new subgroups of myositis patients according to genetics, serology, muscle biopsy features and clinical outcome. Identify prognostic biomarkers.

Environmental risk factors and gene environment interaction. Expertise and facilities including statisticians, epidemiologists and computer programmes.

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