What is EuMyoNet?

What is EuMyoNet?

MyoNet is a novel, unique project. It is the first European multicentre, interdisciplinary research project on inflammatory myopathies, involving neurologists, rheumatologists, neuropathologists, pediatric rheumatologists and basic scientists with expertise in genetics and proteomics.​

MyoNet will enable us to collect a large number of patients with varying phenotypes which will allow subclassification of myositis. The project will also generate the first interdisciplinary myositis database with prospective longitudinally collected clinical and laboratory data as well as biological samples forming a myositis biobank. The longitudinal cohort will be unique and will permit studies of prognostic biomarkers by the use of modern proteomics and metabolomics technologies.

​​Aim of MyoNet

The aim of this network is to establish an interdisciplinary network to share knowledge and expertise in various scientific fields of adult and juvenile myositis, inflammation of the skeletal muscles, and to establish a European myositis database with longitudinally followed patients and a biobank with DNA, serum samples and muscle biopsies in order to achieve improved knowledge of molecular pathways of myositis.​

EuMyoNet welcomes new participants with an interest in understanding the pathogenesis of myositis.


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