Student exchange programmes

Exchange visits and short visits between EuMyoNet countries are open. Exchange visits can be up to 6 months. The grants apply to all professionals and students within health care, as well as experimental and clinical research.​

Students and other collaborators are invited to send in their application for grants within the Student exchange program. The grants given will cover costs for accommodation and travel, but not the salary of the applicant.

exchange students

The application procedure is linked online through the ESF web site.​

There is no fixed deadline for applications as funding decisions are taken by a sub-group of the MyoNet Steering Committee upon reception of each individual application: Prof. Ingrid Lundberg, Prof. Jiři Vencovský and Prof. Robert Cooper.

When submitting applications please try to ensure that there is at least two months between the date of submission and the proposed starting date of the visit, to ensure that the sub-group has sufficient time to evaluate the application.

Please note that applications are not open to the public but only to projects selected by the Programme’s Steering Committee. Before submitting any application, please carefully read the Guidelines for Grants.

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