Summer school

The overall aim of this summer school, a post graduate course, was to cover scientific fields that are important in order to understand disease mechanisms and to develop novel therapies and to identify prognostic biomarkers in inflammatory myopathies, also known as myositis.

​The specific aim was to combine clinical research in myositis with epidemiological science and basic molecular science in muscle with a focus on immunology and physiology. Another aim was to facilitate interactions between participants from the different countries within the European network, EuMyoNet, and between students and teachers.

​The Summer School was arranged by the European myositis network (EuMyoNet), which is a European interdisciplinary research network launched in 2010 and supported by European Science Foundation (ESF) in order to support development of research in myositis and to create a platform for clinical multicenter clinical trials in myositis. The summer school was an international boarding course during five days. The hotel centre, Sigtunahöjden, Sigtuna (Stockholm), Sweden, was situated 15 minutes from the airport by car.

​The course content was a combination of lectures, demonstrations, cases, group assignments, and students’ own presentations to support interactive learning. The course was an international boarding course which enabled possibilities for deeper discussions between students and lecturers. This increased the knowledge of the students; increased their contacts and possibilities for future scientific collaborations.



Date & time: 5-9 September, 2011
Place: Sigtunahöjden Hotell och Konferens AB ,
Sigtuna, Stockholm, Sweden,
Local organizers: Professor Ingrid Lundberg and Dr Sevim Barbasso Helmers
Contact responsible: Dr Sevim Barbasso Helmers
Invitation: Pdf-file
Syllabus and literature: Pdf-file
Programme and Faculty: Pdf-file
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Participant´s evaluation of the Summer School: Pdf-file
Reports of the Summer School: Pdf-file


Sponsors: European Science Foundation (ESF), EuMyoNet, Karolinska Institutet, Pfizer AB, Abbott

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