About us

MyoNet (former EuMyoNet) is a novel, unique project.

It is the first European multicentre, interdisciplinary research project on inflammatory myopathies, involving neurologists, rheumatologists, neuropathologists, pediatric rheumatologists and basic scientists with expertise in genetics and proteomics.

​MyoNet  enables us to collect a large number of patients with varying phenotypes which will allow subclassification of myositis. The project  also generates the first interdisciplinary myositis database with prospective longitudinally collected clinical and laboratory data as well as biological samples forming a myositis biobank. The longitudinal cohort is unique and will permit studies of prognostic biomarkers by the use of modern proteomics and metabolomics technologies.

Since May 2013, EuMyoNet runs under the name of MyoNet to mirror the fact that we now have collaborators outside of Europe and that this is a global network.

The MyoNet Research Networking Programme is operated under the European Medical Research Council (EMRC) which is the membership organisation for all the Medical Research Councils in Europe under the ESF in Strasbourg (France).​

The ESF MyoNet Research Networking Programme will run for five years from May 2010 to May 2015.​

ESF promotes collaboration in research itself, in funding of research and in science policy activities at the European level. ESF was established in 1974 to provide a common platform for its Member Organisations to advance European research collaboration and explore new directions for research. More information about ESF can be followed at: http://www.esf.org/about-esf/what-is-the-european-science-foundation.html

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